iOS 7 Officially Releases in the Fall

August 24, 2013
by dhyaanadmin

Here are a few of the (Many) features iOS 7 Brings to your iDevice:

  • Brand new interface with a new way to Multitask.

  • FaceTime over 3G and 4G — Make FaceTime calls over cellular connections.

  • Facebook Integration — Share photos to Facebook from Photos app and Like Apps.

  • Maps- New maps with traffic and 3D flyover mode.

  • Calls — Slide to answer a call or slide up to reply with a message & remind you to call back later.

  • Turn by Turn Directions — Voiceguided turn by turn directions with GPS on the iPhone 4S.

  • Open Apps with Siri — Siri can now open apps with your voice.

  • VIP Inbox — Tell Mail who your important contacts are so you never miss an email.

  • Siri – Check sports scores, movie times and make restaurant reservations.

  • Do Not Disturb – Set the iPhone to prevent calls and notifications from waking you at night, but still allow special callers.

  • Per Account Signatures in Mail — One signature for work email, one for personal.

    Please note: We do not provide any Technical support or links for you to download Prerelease iOS software as this is illigal.

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